FTX Bankruptcy Court Judge Rules Keeping Creditors Names Redacted

More fakery in the FTX bankruptcy court.  The judge now makes an announcement on redacting the names of FTX creditors. 

Late last week we reported on the bizarre move by FTX debtors to request that the court keep the names of FTX creditors hidden during the trial.


In other news


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Now it has been discovered the disgraced cryptocurrency exchange donated over $1 million dollars to the LGBTQ Victory Fund which endorsed and spotlighted the first transgender state legislator in New Hampshire, James Roesener.

Open Secrets has revealed the LGBTQ Victory Fund, which is a political PAC that aims at endorsing LGBTQ candidates, received a donation of $1,100,000 from FTX’s Director of Engineering, Nishad Singh, in the 2022 election cycle.

Sounds like Democrat Slush Fund for special projects




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