Fun Fact: Wells Fargo limits your online credit card bill payment to $5K… unless you use a Wells Fargo bank acct (or phone the transaction in).

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by wjean

Today I learned that Wells Fargo has a $5K limit on online credit card bill payments; this is INSANE as I have a $25K or so credit line. I know this is a first world problem but just in case some of you are considering getting a WF credit card, here’s a vote as to why you shouldn’t bother for large purchases.

– I’m not asking WF to pay someone else; I’ve just racked up a some big bills this month and am trying to pay Wells Fargo back from my Citibank checking acct.

– It’s like they are encouraging me to bank with them. Didn’t they have problems with overzealously encouraging “bank accts” to be opened? That’s why the “reestablished” themselves in 2018, right?

– I’ve never had this issue (paying a credit card bill with another bank) with AMEX, Citibank, USBANK, or BofA. WF is unique here with this limitation.

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– I’m lucky I found this issue instead of letting the automatic system pay my bill normally. Clearly, they wouldn’t have debited my checking acct sufficiently and I would have racked up interest. That would have sucked.

– In the end, I had to spend 15min resolving the issue and making a “manual” payment via phone as neither phone CSR I contacted had ever heard of this issue before. I had to share my acct/routing details again since of course, they cannot use the info already on file.

This is a total BS issue to deal with in 2018.


I did get a prompt email response when I sent them a nastygram about why this is BS:

READ  DO TELL: Grand theft: More say Biden taking credit for Trump achievements.

Online payments made from a non-Wells Fargo account to an active credit
card account are limited to three payments per day or five payments per
calendar month. Additionally, the total payment amount limit is

We are not able to increase this limit. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note that we do have other options available to make payments to
your credit card such as the following:

* Visit a Wells Fargo branch
* Mail a check to:

Wells Fargo Card Services
P.O. Box 51193
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5493

…They also cut & paste default instructions on how to setup automatic online payments… which is exactly what i had already setup and in any case wouldn’t have helped in this situation.

Conclusion: WF is a clueless company.


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