Furious mothers of children poisoned by a faulty vaccine confront health minister calling for 'medical intervention' for their sick children

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by liverpoolwin

When vaccines go wrong there’s always an attempted whitewash in the media, the only way to get justice is to fight for it and fight to get the truth out as these mothers are doing. The industry cares about profit and not about the health of you child, as this current situation illustrates clearly. The bit where they pretend to care about your child is just marketing for the vaccines.
A faulty vaccine given to around 830,000 children has left many sick with all kinds of symptoms, furious mothers are demanding medical intervention of their children.
“The mothers, mostly wearing “Justice for Dengvaxia victims” black shirts, have identified themselves as members of the United Parents Against Dengvaxia (Upad) Philippines.”
“One of them was Felicitas Asembrado, 53, from Zamboanga City, who complained that her 11-year-old-son had been experiencing symptoms such as stomach pain, fever, headache and joint pains.”
“Duque said the vaccine was administered to around 830,000 children, both school-based and community-based, and to another 32,000 private patients.”
“Elvy Hiralde, president of Upad, said they are calling on the government to provide medical intervention for their children.”
Pharmaceutical tentacles are attempting to stop autopsies on the dead children, as they still hope to whitewash the vaccine. Sanofi are refusing to give pay back the Philippines government $40 million for the faulty used vaccines. A huge advert budget, is being prepared to spread pro-vaccine propaganda, as many people have now lost faith in the industry and their products
Three in one here all on the recent Philippines vaccine scandal:-
The industry is desperate to whitewash the reality and try to pretend it wasn’t the vaccines causing the deaths, so they do not want autopsies allowed on the children who died after vaccination
Showing their arrogance and greed, Sanofi has refused to refund the Philippines’ government for the dangerous vaccines
Recto urges DOH to use P634-M ad budget vs vaccine ‘fake news’

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