Futures Absolutely Tanking Here After Hours…

by Chris
What a wild ride!
Those failed rescues are gonna cost.  Not as much as over pumping these “”markets”” in the first place, of course, that’s where all the trouble began.
Since the market closed I’ve seen the futures gyrate wildly, up and down.  But now settling a lot lower.

Check out those numbers…there are going to eb some very uncomfortable margin calls going out right about…oh…now I would suspect.
Also note the Nikkei at -6.38%
Also worth noting that bonds got bought today.  So this was not a “sell everything” event.
“Welcome to your first day on the Job Mr. Powell.  Would you like me to get a towel to clean the coffee off of your computer screen?”

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2 thoughts on “Futures Absolutely Tanking Here After Hours…

  1. After trump touted the stock market in the state of the union speech,.. the dems had a shit fit and are having a sell of tantrum to show trump they can do something, EVEN IF IT COSTS THEM A FORTUNE!

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