Gallup Poll shows Democrats’ attack on Trump-Russia isn’t working: Americans cite illegal immigration as top problem

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by Dr. Eowyn

In Gallup’s most recent poll on what Americans see as the most important problem facing the nation, Russia doesn’t even show up as a problem, not just for Republicans, but also for Democrats.

That’s how phony the hue-and-cry about Trump and Putin by Demonrats and their media accomplices is.

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Even Democrats don’t care.

Gallup Poll reports, July 18, 2018, that immigration was identified as the top problem by all Americans, Republicans, Independents, as well as Democrats:

  • 22% of all Americans, up from 14% in June: 22% is the highest percentage naming that issue in Gallup’s history of asking the “most important problem” question.
  • 35% of Republicans, up from 21% in June.
  • 17% of independents.
  • 18% of Democrats.
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Gallup Poll July 2018

Gallup Poll July 2018 Party differences


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