Game Stop was just step One.

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by Relative-Dig

If the financial world freaked out by a couple hundred thousand people buying stock, imagine what would happen if just 10% people divested from all of it?

Imagine for a second we stopped investing money into massive corporations that have a history of poisoning us, deceiving us and profiting off of us. Not to mention the billions they have been handed by governments to keep them from going under. If you or I were about to file for bankruptcy I doubt Uncle Sam would hand us a check for 400k to bail us out…

Take that money back from the elites that printed it and bet on you paying it back to them +Tax. Instead invest it in your community. Collectively invest in a farm and get your groceries fresh. Invest in any other local business or start your own. Or just say F that and save all of your money in a place where you don’t have to worry if they are FDIC insured.

My point is we are playing their game. The system is rigged to keep us in check and in line to play again. What would happen if we stopped playing and made our own game?

I understand that doing this would hurt a lot of people and its sad that these people/corporations have made themselves essential. If this were to happen my retirement would go down significantly but so would TPTB.

Like Dean Snider once yelled… “We’re not gonna take it anymore! ”

Thank you for your time and be safe out there.



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