Gas Prices Force Lifestyle Changes for Most

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GAINESVILLE, Fla.—As if the price of gas wasn’t enough, a line of impatient motorists waiting behind him with sullen faces and engines rumbling made Zephrin Green’s visit to a Sam’s Club gas pump even more stressful.
As he prepared to fill the tank of his blue Subaru BRZ for an evening of Uber-driving, he tried to activate the pump as quickly as possible. Glancing at the price, he made quick calculations in his head.
“It takes 9.9 gallons to fill the tank,” he said. “I already know it’s going to take $50.”
Green used to make $140 to $180 per day ferrying Uber customers to their destinations around the college town of Gainesville in the middle of North Florida.
Since gas prices surged, his profits have dwindled to between $100 and $130—not enough to cov …

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