Gas supplies to Europe could be halted in a matter of DAYS

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The fuel crisis across the pond is about to get a whole lot worse, thanks to NATO’s sanctions against Russia.

The flow of natural gas and other critical fossil fuels into Europe could stop entirely in a matter of days because fake U.S. “President” Joe Biden and his deep state allies have decided that Russia is no longer allowed to use dollars or euros to conduct business.

With no way to receive payment for fuel, in other words, Russia will have no choice but to turn off the pipelines, leaving Europeans cold and in the dark.

At the recent G7 summit in Brussels, Biden read talking points from his script claiming that NATO is “more united than ever” against Russia, and also against everyone around the world who relies on Russia for imported goods such as fossil fuel.

Nobody in NATO seems willing to have a diplomatic discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin other than France’s Emmanuel Macron, so the chances of there being a de-escalation of the situation in the interest of the general public are slim.

“We shouldn’t escalate with words or actions,” Macron declared.

Biden, on the other hand, does not care who gets caught in the fray of the situation. Since he and his crime-ridden family are being exposed by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden is willing to make the entire world pay with inflation, shortages, and all of the misery that comes with his failed policies.

Biden is eager to lead the world into World War III

The timing of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, coupled with the questionable nature of what is really going on over there, suggests that all of this was planned right as the plandemic reached its two-year anniversary.

Just as the country ended its mask mandates and other restrictions, along comes Putin, conveniently, to provide cover for the next phase of the deconstruction of the global economy (Related: This is part of what they have planned).

In the interest of keeping our readers in the loop, remember that supply chain problems, inflation, and food shortages were already occurring before Putin pulled the trigger. These things just escalated even more dramatically afterward.

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The reason you need to know this is because the current narrative is blaming Putin for everything that was already happening, only now it is happening much more quickly and much more severely.

And now with Biden at the helm refusing to back down from his destructive sanctions, many more people are suffering. Much of the world is quite literally on a track towards mass starvation if Russia is not allowed to re-enter the global economy and continue providing fuel and food to other countries.

Also keep in mind the fact that Biden shut down domestic energy production here in the United States as well. This is certainly one of the reasons why gas is now $6 a gallon and rising, and why food prices continue to soar.

There are other reasons, of course, but Biden’s policies are exacerbating these other reasons. And in time, mass starvation will come here, too, if domestic fossil fuel production does not resume, and quickly.

The fertilizers used to grow food come from the very fuel that Biden and the Democrats are trying to cut off domestically. And all of their “green” initiatives will drive the final nail in the coffin by eliminating the inputs required to continue feeding our country and any other countries that receive our exports.

“The U.S. has no end game other than the destruction of the Ukrainian people,” suggested someone at Zero Hedge about the evil war agenda of the Biden regime.

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