General flynn was fired because he was the lead investigater that exposed obama and hillary for treason! And here is the proof!

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Obama and HIllary were both shipping sniper rifles and rockets to syrian rebels. And the iranian who they gave 1.3 billion dollars to, and was a White House Obama guest is the one who just lead the charge on our American embassy!
The deep state wanted Baghdad to be Trumps Benghazi, so not only were they giving arms in advance to those who want us dead but actually did major wire transfers to the tune of well over a billion dollars to the man who just lead the charge against our Iraq Embassy, and Flynn is the one who exposed it! Including the Murder of Gadhafi and their plans!!!!

This video shows 100% proof of hillary and obamas plans against our Military and this Nation !!! Judicial watch is in possession of Flynn’s full report and actually has the wire transfers. And proof of them using small ships that can carry up to ten cargo containers each.
This is it folks, are you ready!??
This information coming out will shock the conscience of our country and the world!!
Obama gutting the military in an effort to hide their global crimes against Humanity! And silence all who would question their fabricated narrative!!

This short video lays the reasons for what is about to happen in our nation on full display in great detail!

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It just doesnt get any better than this folks! We will start this New Year out with the Truth on Blast!


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