General Flynn’s case DISMISSAL hearing livestream

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Today we’ll get to find out what happens to General Flynn after his dismissal hearing. (11 AM EST)

Following the recently declassified documents showing the RussiaGate hoax and the Hunter Biden report outlining a connection to Russia, Flynn’s lawyer’s attempting to have his case dismissed so he can finally be free.

The 29th of September marks Saint Michael’s Day and Q also gave a hint a few days ago that his case was likely to be dismissed.

Let’s keep our eyes open because something huge might be about to happen. Let’s not forget how much he can reveal once he’s able to.

#FLYNN First 30 mins: Judge Sullivan summarizes arguments for/against DOJ dismissal + warns scope of hearing will be limited + will invite input parties. Sullivan emphasizing repeating twice that Rule 48 A not meant to be court’s “rubber stamp” for prosecutorial decision

Here is Rule 48(a) READ: “The government may, with leave of court, dismiss an indictment, information, or complaint. The government may not dismiss the prosecution during trial without the defendant’s consent.” @CBSNews



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