Generally trusting medical professionals =/= trusting the “vaccine”

by sivakara

I have no doubt whatsoever that most medical professionals are well informed, well intentioned and intelligent individuals giving honest advice to their patients. Advice based on the data presented to them.

Data compiled and presented by organisations who are demonstrably amongst the most corrupt and amoral entities in history.

I often hear analogies like “you trust that a mechanic knows how a car works” which are entirely reasonable. But then you have an incident like the VW emissions scandal, where experts in the industry are lead to a conclusion based on their trust of a corrupt, profit driven entity.

All of our information on the vaccine is based on trials conducted by the creators with a vested interest in the billions of dollars. With any contrary information agressively censored and shut down.

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There’s many examples of qualified medical professionals, including academic virologists, pathologists, pharmacists etc speaking up against the data in academic papers that only a few journals would touch for fear of reprocussions.

Not to mention the ex head of Pfizer’s rnd department, the pioneer of mRNA vaccine research and most recently an article published in the BMJ showing undeniable proof of corruption in the trials.

Yet the push to inject children with a clearly flawed technology against something that poses little threat to them, with next to no clinical research, under threat of being denied an education is widely accepted.

I just don’t see what part of this narrative you urge me to trust?


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