Genesis Vision Gears Up With Liquidity Providers

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Genesis Vision, a decentralized trust management platform ‎built on blockchain technology and smart contracts, has recently announced its new partnership with B2Broker, the first Prime Broker to provide aggregated liquidity on cryptocurrencies with its B2BX MarksMan aggregator. 

Genesis Vision is integrating B2BX Marksman and B2Broker liquidity to its products to provide even more options to the managers. This is going to be a great addition to already existing order books of Binance, Huobi, and LMAX for Genesis Market traders, as it opens the way to crypto margin trading world.

Margin trading is gradually penetrating cryptocurrency marketplace, giving traders the opportunity to get more profit with leverage. It came from traditional fiat and forex environment, and it found its place in a volatile crypto world.

It’s true that margin trading brings more risk into the trading, but it also gives a great opportunity to use cryptocurrency volatility to profit during a short period of time, with only a part of the funds invested.

In short, it’s the option when you can invest some fraction of capital and increase the position with the help of a leverage, meaning that with 1:10 leverage and $100 at your balance you increase the total position to $1,000. This way the profit is multiplied by 10, however, the max amount you may lose in case of the wrong direction is $100.

Why Margin Trading Is Future For Crypto?

Trading is the essence of every crypto project as it corresponds with the objective of crypto projects to become a self-sustaining autonomous economic system. It brings the needed value, but only in case of healthy circulation and with the presence of liquidity. Thus, another key prerequisite for crypto project success is crypto exchange that allows traders to buy and sell coins and tokens defining the real price with the help of traditional supply and demand mechanism.

To sum up, the future of crypto projects is in the hands of  crypto exchanges and traders. Crypto exchanges should build the needed environment with high liquidity and additional options to stimulate trading activity. Traders should trade and diversify their trades.

No wonder a few crypto exchanges and trading platforms including Bitmex, Binance, Huobi, Genesis Vision decided to step in the direction of margin trading to serve the needs of both advanced institutional traders and retail traders.

Genesis Vision Leads The Way

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Genesis Vision has recently announced its new partnership with B2Broker, the first Prime Broker to provide aggregated liquidity on cryptocurrencies with its B2BX MarksMan aggregator.

“Our aim is to grow our list of partners,” Arthur Azizov, CEO & Founder of B2Broker comments. “We are excited about our cooperation with Genesis Vision, and we will continue to do our best in order to deliver the best liquidity in the industry.”

From now on Genesis Vision traders will have access to:

  • Margin trading on crypto CFD with leverage 1:5.
  • 74 Forex instruments
  • 12 Spot metals
  • 12 Indices 
  • 4 Spot commodities
  • USA, EU, ASIA and Russia Shares (100+ instruments)

“Right from the start, our aim has always been for the Genesis Vision Project to help existing global financial market participants meet in one place. But this desire was not only about the platform itself, it was also about the building of business connections and partnerships,” says Ruslan Kamenskiy, Genesis Vision Head of Product Development & Co-Founder. “It is a very significant but extremely difficult task which requires good expertise, broad understanding of the industry, and passion for your product and for people who use it now and will join it in future.”

About Genesis Vision

The project initially set a goal to unite all financial markets, and it keeps going its path gathering Forex, crypto, and stock exchanges into one platform.

Genesis Vision is the first project made for private trust management market based on blockchain technology, which provides a transparent and automated system of investment and profit distribution for investors. 

Genesis Vision managers currently have access to trading services provided by B2Broker, EXANTE, Huobi, Just2Trade, Roboforex, and Genesis Markets, which combines the order books of Binance, Huobi, and LMAX Digital. 


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