George Webb’s Videos Coming In Spurts – Life In Danger – God Speed, George!

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by Pamela Williams
I just watched the last three videos George Webb has uploaded to his video channel on YouTube.  They are rather hard to decipher, but I believe at this time he is making plans to leave the US.  I pray he is, as he has been in hiding from John Podesta and the rest of the DNC gang.  I have talked about this in my previous posts.
George speaks in one video for just a short and abrupt time on the hospital stay of Seth Rich at the end of his life.  He abruptly ends the video, as I am sure he is unable to really put himself into his work at this time.  He is most likely watching very carefully his surroundings.  Here is the video, which will only take a second to watch.  I do want to post a piece of one of my reports that refers to what he is speaking about.

Published on Jun 2, 2017
FBI Evidence Bag For FBI Bullet?
The following is from my report:
Seth Rich supposedly died in the Hospital after going into ICU from surgery, and was expected to live.  The shooter and the murderer of Seth Rich may be two different people. The wife of the doctor who over saw Seth Rich at the hospital has also been a DNC fundraiser. Lisa Kountoupes is the wife of Dr. Jack Sava, who was assigned to watch over Seth Rich at the hospital where he died. As a Clinton administration veteran, Kountoupes had been working on everything from drug approval reform to cybersecurity and recently appeared on the first lobbying contract for the messaging app Slack Communications.
The following has been taken from:
According to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Public Incident Report CCN #16113797 Seth Rich was shot at 4:20 a.m. on July 10, 2016.
The public narrative reads as follows: “CIC reports the sound of gunshots at 2134 Flagler Pl. NW. Upon arriving to the scene, the decedent was laying in the Southwest corner of the intersection of W St. and Flagler Pl. NW. The decedent was conscious and breathing with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back. The decedent was transported to local area hospital and was pronounced by attending physician at 0557 hours.”
The report makes it clear that the DNC staffer was “conscious and breathing” when he was transported to a local area hospital.
Based on a May 16 Intellihub report by Shepard Ambellas titled: “D.C. surgeon who operated on Seth Rich: ‘The DNC staffer was alive and well after surgery, before a group of LEOs showed up to the ICU’,” Rich was taken to Medstar Washington Hospital Center which is located just 3 minutes away from where he was shot.
According to Ambellas’ report, “A 4-year resident surgeon at Washington Hospital Center claims that Seth Rich was alive and recovering well in facility’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after being treated for a total of 3 routine gunshot wounds — that is until a number of law enforcement officers arrived eight hours later kicking most everyone out of the ICU and physically barring doctors and others from attending to Rich.”
So who was attending to Rich as all of this was taking place?
MedStar Health’s website states: “Jack Sava, MD, is director of the Gold Surgery team at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Dr. Sava’s team manages a broad spectrum of urgent general surgical conditions (including problems of the intestine, gallbladder, stomach, liver, and other abdominal organs) and staffs the MedStar trauma unit, a Level-1 trauma center.”
As director of the Gold Surgery team, Dr. Sava should have been in charge of the operation and would have been privy to access Rith’s room at all times.
Dr. Jack Alfred Sava, a.k.a. Jack A Kountoupes, a.k.a. Jack A Ateljevich, is related to Lisa M Kountoupes, according to Radaris records.
Both Jack Sava and Lisa Kountoupes appeared on the MV DSCC 2015 guest list.
Moreover, Lisa Kountoupes was a co-host for the Kate McGinty “Democrat for United States Senate fundraiser,” along with the Podesta brothers which took place on Feb. 22, 2016, which can be found in the Wikileaks “Podesta emails.”
Now in the next video, George is speaking about how the DNC players enter into the United States and become legitimate.  If you will remember the Awan brothers did work for the DNC and were later arrested as spies sending much of the intelligence from the DNC to Pakistan.  They were also involved in a stolen car theft ring which furnished cars for the DNC.
Published on Jun 2, 2017
Imran Awan at Inter-America, Congressman Wexler’s Capitol Hill Reality Show on Sundance Channel 6 Called The Hill

Published on Jun 2, 2017
Kim Dotcom Negotiating a Plea Deal
In this video George is reaching out to begging him not to make a deal with the FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  He tells Kim if he makes a deal with the FBI he will lose his life.  Take this how you wish, but I believe George.  The FBI is attempting to shut Kim up by threatening him to make a deal, or he will go to prison like Bradley Manning.  This heating up, and we must be aware of this.
This is George’s latest video, and I am listening to this now.  I will report afterwards.

Published on Jun 2, 2017
Long version
Here are the following highlights:

  1. This is George Webb’s video channel:
  2. He is making videos in spurts to ensure his proof of life.
  3. He is mainly speaking on the Awan Brothers who worked with the DNC to spy and do other dirty work for them.  They are from Pakistan, and they have gone back to Pakistan with all the American intelligence.

I will do further reports as they come out from George Webb….God bless him and his family.

Published on Jun 2, 2017

A Pakastani firm is getting a new contract from Microsoft to supply phones to the US government.  Anthony Weiner previously did this, but obviously he is out of work now due to his guilty plea.


4 thoughts on “George Webb’s Videos Coming In Spurts – Life In Danger – God Speed, George!

  1. OK- here’s what needs to happen;
    Dear President Trump;
    In order to insure that your Presidency remains intact and secure, please assign Secret Service protection to Mr. George Webb.
    Please loan him an armor-enhanced Chevy Suburban, and equip his family with Kevlar and Nomex, and allow him to Conceal-Carry.
    Please allow for protected temporary housing for him and his family until his testimony is completed. Afterwards, please insure that he has continued protection for him and his family along with any other witnesses who have testimony against the DNC and those who are killing off witnesses who experienced first hand the criminal activities of the DNC and the Clintons.
    Mr. Webb will need to be a protected witness against those who are attempting to de-stabilize the U.S. Presidency and the U.S. Government as a whole. We all know who is responsible for doing this.
    The U.S. Attorney-General Jeff Sessions needs to call-up a Grand Jury investigation, and an Emergency Subpoena to appear before a Federal Grand Jury Investigation and the Senate Intelligence Committee excluding DNC members!
    Kim Dotcom also needs immunity and amnesty from any and all charges past and present! He should only deal with the Trump Administration, and only directly with Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, and NOT the FBI!

    • I have been following him since he made his first video. He has broken through the corruption within our government starting with the Clinton Foundation. Honestly, the Clinton machine seems to run government. In the beginning I was doing a story about an ex-Clinton Foundation missing CEO. It began for me with the Clinton and Podesta leaked emails. This is the source I used in my story, but my research led me to George. He, too, was working on the same thing.

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