NORDLB is a big German Landesbank, now they are bankrupt and MerkHell idiot will have taxpayer billions wasted to save the idiots


Lower Saxony’s Minister of Finance Hilbers (CDU), wants to rehabilitate the Nord/LB with tax funds. In the balance sheet of the Landesbank a billion there is severe capital shortfall. There is a great danger that the Bank will become a bottomless pit.

Am 22. January has been taken by the state government of lower Saxony, a historic decision. Starting in the year 2020, informed the Minister of Finance Reinhold Hilbers (CDU), following the Meeting of the red-and-black Cabinet with, should also be the state of the debt brake will apply. The appropriate basis for the policy will be included this year in the country’s Constitution.

Thereafter, both the incumbent as well as each of the following lower Saxony’s Cabinet should not be allowed to spend more money than it takes in. This could now be significantly more difficult than it is for the highly indebted country in the North already.


h/t miler