Germany’s Economically Critical Rhine River Is Drying up – Geo-engineered Drought to Create a Climate Emergency and bring in Lockdowns

Another Problem-Reaction-Solution situation for the PTB to force their evil intentions on humanity. Like the American Southwest drought and water shortage, this undoubtedly geo-engineered event in Germany creates the justification to declare a Climate Emergency and a Climate Lockdown.

Germany’s Rhine River Is Inches Away From Failure

The waterway is a critical shipping route for the European continent, but the ongoing heatwave has caused the lowest seasonal water levels since 2007.

Less than a foot of water currently stands between European business as usual and a German supply chain crisis. Amid a record-breaking, continent-wide heat wave, the Rhine river has dropped to levels so low, that shipping on the waterway may soon become economically untenable or even impossible.

Europe’s mightiest river is drying up, most likely causing a recession in Germany. Yes, really.

Germany probably fell into recession at the end of 2018 as the country’s dominant manufacturing sector faltered.

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That was most likely due at least in part to an unusual negative factor: a shockingly low water level in the Rhine river.

The Rhine is crucial for German industry because it provides not only an avenue for the distribution of raw materials to German manufacturers but also a means of transporting finished goods to Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam.

Low water levels prevent certain boats from navigating the river, starving factories of materials and preventing the distribution of goods, according to the research house Pantheon Macroeconomics.

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