Germany’s Migration Chief Sacked Amid Asylum Agency Fraud Scandal – Fall Guy?

by Thinker

The ousted head of Germany’s refugee agency was central to an unfolding asylum application fraud scandal, but firing her won’t fix core “structural problems” in the country’s migration system, a geopolitical analyst has told RT. After serving just 18 months as head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Jutta Cordt was fired this week by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, after an internal review discovered that the agency’s branch in the city of Bremen had violated legal and internal regulations for the approval of asylum applications. The decision was quietly announced on Friday, and Rainer Rothfuss, a geopolitical analyst and professor at Tübingen University’s Institute of Geography in Baden-Württemberg, feels the sacking was long overdue.

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Angela Merkel stands firm as Germany’s refugee row intensifies

Dispute could bring down coalition government, while leaders of France and Italy debate EU immigration policy. Angela Merkel has stood firm against unilateral moves to turn refugees back from Germany’s borders amid a tense dispute on migration policy between the chancellor and her interior minister that could yet bring down the fledgling government. The standoff in Berlin echoed deepening divisions across Europe over how to handle irregular migration. The issue was also the focus of talks in Paris on Friday, at which the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, called for radical, Europe-wide changes to EU refugee policy.

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Report: Merkel aware of Germany refugee agency chaos in 2017

BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel is coming under pressure to address allegations that she knew as early as last year about mismanagement in the government office for refugees that came to light recently. The newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported:…s-in-2017/

Angela Merkel talks about the coming New World Order

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Ryan Brooks reports. After all the public feuding and Twitter sniping, the trade disputes and backdoor tensions, the countries of the G7 summit did, in the end, put out a joint communique on the need for free, fair and mutually beneficial trade. But after watching Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s closing remarks, Donald Trump pulled out of that agreement, tweeting Saturday that he had instructed his representatives not to endorse the communique because of “Justin’s false statements” and calling him “weak and dishonest” At issue, Trudeau defending his country’s retaliatory tariffs on the U.S.

Trump said; “U.S. was like the big bank and everyone was having a free for all, and that ENDS!”


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