Get Bitcoins Easily with These Canadian Companies

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Canadian Bitcoin Exchange was never easier. We’ve prepared a list of companies that help you in buying bitcoins with no problems at all.


People from Canada can make the most out of bitcoin with Coinbase – all using a credit card. You have to pay a fee of 3.99% for every purchase, and you get your bitcoins instantly. Make sure you check the official site to know the prices for sure.

The pros with this one are that you’ll get to enjoy high liquidity and buying limits. Also, if you’re new to this world of bitcoin, it will be easier for you to get bitcoins. The Instant Buy alternative is there for you, if you use a debit card or a credit card.

The cons with this one are that, if you make purchases with the bank transfer, it will take about five days for the transfer to be ready, and coinbase can track your activity to see where you spend your bitcoins.


This one lets the clients – from almost every country, may we add – to buy bitcoins with a debit card or a credit card. For each purchase, you’ll have to pay a fee of 6%. In case you want to buy less than $150 worth of bitcoins, you need to know that you won’t be asked to verify your identity. This is why is very easy to buy.

The pros with this one are that it works in *almost* all countries and it has higher limits for buying bitcoins by using a credit card. Also, it has a trusted and reliable broker.

The con with this one is that it has the highest fees when it comes to a debit card or credit card bitcoin brokers.


Many people have heard of CoinSmart– is that cryptocurrency that doesn’t have any central authority or even banks. Payments are sent instantly to anyone – anywhere around the globe. That’s faster than even Bitcoin, with a 30 second confirmation of your payment being sent. There’s no waiting game.

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It also has a built-in SHA-256 wallet encryption, so it’s safe to store your CoinSmart in your hardware. You can also print your own paper wallet.

All the transactions are posted in a public database, so you’ll know when a payment was not processes.

With this one, you can buy bitcoins with a credit card, Interac Online for 0.75% fees, Flexepin bank transfer, or you can simply sell, for the 0.5% sum. They offer support through phone, live chat or email. With their giveaways, you can win a cash bonus, a hardware waller or t-shirts.

Keep in mind that you can get a $20 bonus if you sell, or buy, at least CAD $100. However, don’t forget to go to the official site to make sure you have the right prices.

The pros with this one are that it’s the fastest way to buy bitcoin and the limits for buying and selling are very high.

The cons with this one are that it only has support for four coins, and the withdrawal fees for a bank transfer are really high.

Coinbase Pro

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This one is one of the most largest bitcoin exchanges programs in the USA. As a client, you can fund your account via SEPA, bank transfer, even bank wire. You get with it low fees and very good prices, but it’s kind of difficult to navigate, since the interface is not that easy to understand.

The pros with this one are that, as said earlier, the fees are really small, for both EU and US customers, and that it’s possible (believe it or not) to buy bitcoins with 0% fees.

The con with this one is that the interface for users is quite confusing, especially if you want to buy for the first time.


This one is actually an escrow service that helps in matching bitcoin buyers with sellers. You can purchase by cash deposit – it’s actually the most common way to do it. But you, as a user, can advertise for any kind of payment you prefer.

The pros with this one are that it’s all fast and easy, and the trades take place in-person, with no personal information though.

The con with this one is that there are many scams, and that’s why you need to follow the rules



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