‘Get Out’ Comes To America – What Everyone Should Be Doing

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I will copy and paste my comment to the initial YouTube commentator:

Emilie Shane
4 hours ago
Yes boom 💥 remember who we are ❤️

Adam Gray
Adam Gray
1 second ago
Yes. Very much so, Emilie Shane. Though just know that the Illuminati is doing their very best through their various social scientists to go to an all out civil war. Unfortunately, no matter what we do anymore will inevitably push and shove us into an all out civil war in America. This is immeasurably tragic as far as I am concerned.

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While I am deeply grateful for other non-face maskers to stand up for ourselves and band together just remember the DDT fragile egg shells of emotional and mental states virtually all of these face mask lovers have. Quite possibly alot of them have guns too. I wonder how many of us are willing to trigger an all out civil war in America by doing this stuff to these face mask lovers.

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h/t darkwolf007


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