The Cleveland Indians bowed to the woke mob and renamed themselves the “Guardians” and now nobody wants to go to their games anymore.

As a result of years of pressure from activist groups, several years ago, the Cleveland baseball franchise announced they would soon be changing the team’s name. …

Well, if the numbers are to be believed, it’s possible that fans might not have taken kindly to the rebranding efforts.

Local TV ratings for the newly christened Guardians have dropped dramatically, with one report placing the number at -30%.

That’s the third biggest decline of any team in the league, with only the moribund Oakland Athletics and rapidly fading San Francisco Giants reporting worse numbers.

I doubt the leftist activists whom the Indians’ management caved to are actually huge MLB fans as well; they were simply looking for the next scalp to collect (if that phrase hasn’t been memory holed by the PC cleanup crew). As they say at Small Dead Animals, “Pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends” — or ticket buyers.

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