GET WOKE…: Ratings for Tuesday’s Woke Olympics Plummet 55%.

Nolte: Ratings for Tuesday’s Woke Olympics Plummet 55%

It’s official: the 2020 Woke Olympics are a five-alarm ratings catastrophe. We are right now in the heart of the best competition. This is the time the American public should be tuning in, and practically no one is.

How bad is it? This bad…

During Tuesday night’s primetime coverage of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, a mere 16.2 million people tuned in. That’s across all platforms, including streaming. That’s also nearly 20 million fewer viewers than the 36.1 million who tuned in this same Tuesday for the Rio Summer Games in 2016.

So we’re talking about a 55 percent crash.

Speaking of which: Costa Rican Gymnast Puts Up BLM Fist During Olympic Performance, Fails to Qualify.

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