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by StarfleetGo

Over the next 3 days several industries will begin a strike.

It started with Southwest and will spread to other airlines today and tomorrow. Railway engineers and staff are also going on strike.

The ports are backed up with over 2500 cargo ships in the queue and many abandoned ships due to new environmental regulations making them too expensive to refit.

With international import/export frozen, our just in time supply lines are going to grind to a halt.

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This will also affect the supply of coal, gasoline, and propane causing energy shortages.

We have families beginning to be evicted from the removal of the eviction ban, a few million going broke due to removal of unemployment benefits, and a few more million champions of freedom who are losing their jobs and can’t apply for unemployment due to the mandate.

Broke desperate people during a food shortage and possible energy crisis.

This is bad enough, now add literally anything else to the pile (a cyberattack, natural disaster, etc.), and it all falls down.

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Don’t forget they just labeled anyone who goes against the narrative a domestic terrorist meaning that when shtf, any action a man takes to care for his family is a high crime.

It will indeed be a dark winter.

P.S. Also odd it is right on queue for the ghosts of Epstein, Russiagate, the border crisis, and the 2020 election coming back to haunt.

Let’s go Brandon!


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