Ghislaine Maxwell: how and why the Trump entourage has ensured Witness Protection for its nuclear weapon

by John Ward 

The revelations on offer from Ghislaine Maxwell, if they see the light of day, will reduce the Democratic Party to rubble. This time, Donald Trump has prepared the ground more thoroughly than he did for Jeffrey Epstein. The Slog examines the very high stakes involved….the nature of which are almost unknown to Anglo-Saxon audiences.

Ghislaine Maxwell made her first New York courtroom appearance today – a bail hearing 99.999% unlikely to grant her any.

She was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire. President Trump has a better relationship with that agency than he does with the CIA, but all things are relative: the Donald loathes the CIA and most of its works.

The liberal WAPO-to-NY Times media axis increasingly follow a narrative suggesting that Trump is a tyrant who bullies both agencies. The truth is that Donald Trump spends half his daily existence trying to demonstrate that the Surveillance State and the penetrated US media have persistently been in bed together in a non-stop campaign since 2016 to big up charges against him…and failed utterly to give any of them credibility – let alone make the accusations stick.

Developments in the lead-up to the Presidential election give credibility to information I have received suggesting that Trump personally insisted on her arrest, and Maxwell knew it was coming.

The key factor here is Hillary Clinton in particular…and the Clinton couple’s odd correlation with suicides, blackmail and a “Foundation” which has never been properly investigated.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are looking slightly sick at the moment. This could be his opportunity (aka last chance) to fulfil his election promise of putting Hillary behind bars.

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It isn’t going to take a lot to shift some uneasy pro-Trump Democratic voters back into the Tangerine One’s camp: Joe Biden’s performances are now getting so embarrassing, anything adding grist to the obvious reality – that the Unelected State would support a Presidential puppet called Miss Piggy if necessary – will play in favour of the President.

Don’t dismiss this too easily: if you go back to 1976, recent occupants of the Oval Office have included a C-list actor developing dementia, a senior CIA operative, a multiply corrupt Arkansas Governor, a human peanut, and an empty Uncle Tom suit. Donald Trump is a maverick the élites neither expected nor wanted: the first one since Jimmy Carter – only far more street-wise.

The real White House pro-Trump mafia are reasonably sure that Biden will wind up being outed as a dummy in need of a ventriloquist anyway….but the ambition is to nail Hillary as the embodiment of pc/feminist/BLM/LGBTQ hypocrisy.

They calculate that – by supporting the CIA in its North Korea > China > Pakistan demonisation programme – the President can suggest to the Pentagon/Neocon/Texan oil Alt State that he’s a safe pair of hands.

And when it comes to Ghislaine herself, her own depositions of Little Black Book facts are both more far-reaching and better organised than Epstein’s. Remember: both she and her father were Mossad agents.

She is now incarcerated in the notorious  Southern District of New York’s “high security” haha perp facility. But think on this: the head of that area, Geoffrey Berman, was summarily dismissed by Attorney General William Barr just two weeks prior to Maxwell’s arrest. Barr was, of course, a Trump appointee slotted into the job during 2019.

The President has done a lot of work to ensure that, this time, there won’t be any unauthorised or authorised suicides.

It could well be time for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to be very, very afraid.




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