Glenn Beck: Biden’s Secret War on Our Energy EXPOSED

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Did you know there is a hostile takeover of American energy happening right under our noses? We all laughed at the Green New Deal. “That would never become law here in the United States!” conservatives said. So the Left was smart and repackaged the takeover into something more friendly and benign. “Reducing inflation.” Sounds great, right? WRONG! The Inflation Reduction Act took the Green New Deal, broke it up, and scattered it across the myriad pieces of government bureaucracy.

Programs to destroy U.S. energy were hidden like horcruxes within multiple layers of government, and Glenn reveals them ALL. In a preview of 21st-century fascism, the government is partnering with private companies and funding the CLOSURE of reliable energy all over the country. Power companies are all but given ZERO choice. It’s probably happening in your state and town right now. But some states are starting to push back. Glenn gives you tools to stop the Left’s secret war on energy dead in its tracks

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Oil Execs Raise Red Flags on U.S. Energy as Production Sinks Under Biden

OPEC once again dominates the global oil market as the shale revolution wanes and encounters increasing costs and demands to return cash to shareholders, likely leading to rising crude oil prices, according to top executives in the industry at CERAWeek.

The U.S. shale market recently yielded record profits after Russia invaded Ukraine, but it is now facing serious challenges that will damage the growth of U.S. supply, according to American shale producers who spoke to the Financial Times. This is a dim outlook compared to the past when the shale industry’s efficiency led to the perception of competitiveness with Saudi Arabia, according to the FT.


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