Glenn Beck says many stations considering dropping his show AND HE BLAMES YOU …CALLS US GROTESQUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS

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I think I might be able to explain that f*cking hat now
Trump stole his story

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71 thoughts on “Glenn Beck says many stations considering dropping his show AND HE BLAMES YOU …CALLS US GROTESQUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS

  1. Glenn Beck did some great work in the past. Exposing George Soros and his media manipulations. Talked about a future financial collapse and being prepared with food and whatnot.
    I have no issue with him being for Cruz. But when he and his stoolies mock trump supported in moronic voices. He’s being rude and disrespectful.

    • Yeah I agree Beck has done some good things in the past but the way he treats Trump supporters and other independent radio talk show hosts comes across as junior high level drama. Can’t deal with dat.

    • I’m not really a fan of Glenn Beck, but your last “sentences” (if I am understanding your abysmal grammar correctly) expose you as being just what he said you appeared to be–Brown Shirts.

      • I see. I do a typo, hit D instead of S. And that makes me a brown shirt?
        It was supposed to be. “He and his stoolies mock Trump supporters with moronic voices.
        Sorry, no editing feature on this web site.
        P.S. You have some issues in your typing too.

        • Sorry I called your grammar abysmal. It is rude to mock others, but Trump’s words and demeanor seem to invite it, and he seems to relish the opportunity to respond to it in kind.
          It’s the blind vehemence displayed by many of his followers that reminds me of another time.

    • Amen to that. I totally agree. I used to like him but now his show resembles the Three Stooges when they start to mock Trump and his supporters. He’s become a caricature of himself. Kinda sad.

  2. All of the “successor king” candidates NEED to be mocked into oblivion! REJECT the New World Order illusion that we are given in the two-party “choice”. Be patriotic and don’t vote. I refuse to give legitimacy to this sham by participating in it. Besides, I’m sure WWIII will begin as planned, just before November, conveniently postponing any “elections”.

  3. Tired of Beck and his Mormon views. He is totally out of touch now and cries way too much for me. I used to like him but I dropped him over a year ago. Not surprised stations want to drop his show.

  4. Beck finds it intolerable that his irresistible influence isn’t driving voters to his man Cruz. I think there’s a rubber room somewhere with his name on it.

    • As Michael Savage said, Cruz is unelectable because he looks like a vampire and Rubio resembles the Icecream Man. Why can’t Beck see the obvious? He’s sold out to his puppet masters, that’s all. Trump is a hero renegade and they will use everything and anyone to stop him at this point. The Illuminati want him silenced or dead. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  5. Beck is a Trojan Horse for the establishment and always has been. He and Rush Limbaugh work to preserve the status quo of the one-party system. We’re supposed to endorse one of the establishment’s two candidates yet again (Clinton/Bush, Clinton/Rubio, take your pick). But we’re not doing that, despite Beck’s efforts to herd us. He is now going to pay the price for years of misleading the American people. We see through the lies now, thanks to the internet. I hope The Blaze and all of Beck’s other “fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” enterprises now implode under the concretioned weight of his years of BS. In his heart of hearts he wants to be a Rockette anyway, so maybe it’s time for him to give that a shot. Adios, Beck.

  6. Glenn Beck is an evil treasonous criminal. The day Glenn Beck causes the next false flag using the nuke he stole in 2007 and blaming it on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the Fox network. This is the known as “Armageddon tired of these comments” – because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X along with Glenn Beck will rip the earth apart and 90% of Americans will be dead before the next football game on Sunday. All planned by your evil government and Glenn Beck.

  7. Stopped listening to Beck years ago, when his show was carried in my market.
    His constant blubbering and whining was painful to listen to.

  8. Hey Glenn, did your mother forget to tell you that you should not blame others for your actions? Used to listen to Beck at times long ago, but quit because he got to big for his pants. There was some useful information he used to put out, but not anything that could not be found on alternative sites. Sorry Beck you stepped on yourself when you started insulting people, just like the liberals do when they try to control us. If you need a box of tissues, let us know we will send you some.

  9. he didn’t pass the 9/11 litmus test. the repuugs are desperate to get rid of trump b/c he is hinting that he is not in the 2 jets knock down 3 buildings camp.

  10. I believe this guy is on psychotropic drugs. The weight gain, his meltdown episode a while back. His crying fits, etc.
    He is like the other Mormon Mitt Romney as these two put up a front that they love Megroes, Moslems and Mexicans when in fact they look down upon them and thus give them special treatment over whites.
    They make sure YOU take care of them and marry them, but not them. They stick to their whiteness.
    Glenn and Mitt are actually proud white Negroes.

  11. There’s some crazy stuff here in these comments… yikes. Nonetheless… Beck is a whining loser and needs to stop being so hateful.

  12. Maybe Glenn Beck really thinks that Cruz is going to fight against the establishment and save the constitution if he is elected?
    However many prophecies from our church leaders (I’m LDS) say that a civil war will break out in Chicago after the dollar becomes devalued and that there will be no president elected? Whether that is this election or next I don’t know but the way the worlds financial situation looks it seems sooner than later?
    In addition to this, we also have prophecies from past church leaders that suggest that the Chinese will invade the US from the West Coast and Russians from the East. Also that the US army will be guttered especially of Christians and the fight will be very taxing on the US army. Glenn should know these things? Some of these prophecies date back over a hundred and fifty years and all LDS should know about them.
    One of our church leaders Ezra Taft Benson was very vocal on revealing the NWO and the other communist agendas and Glenn should also know these things. However another of our church leaders has also stated that he thinks that only about five percent of active LDS will actually make it back to God because most have been deceived by the world?.
    There are three main factions fighting for world domination 1/ The Fabian socialist / communists (NWO)
    2/ The Muslim Brotherhood / Isis and 3/ China and Russian communists. The first group are the most evil and want to depopulate the world so there are only 500 million people left and they also helped the second group establish themselves.

    • Your prophets “seem to be right on” because they are part of the same system. You can tell because the NWO people do the same rituals as the LDS temple. Glenn has been drawn away from LDS/NWO dogma by Hagee, who puts Israel first in everything. Glenn didn’t used to do that, but he does now. You’re right that he should know better.

      • They are not part of the system! You don’t get mocked, belittled, denigrated, patronized, persecuted, raped and murdered when you are part of their system but that is what happened to the members of our church, in the good old freedom for everyone US of A.
        No they do not have the same rituals! Are you kidding me? Have you ever been through our temple? The Masons / illuminati / secret societies have insane, satanic rituals mingled with ancient sacred symbolism. The absolute opposite to what happens in our sacred Temples.
        Please investigate, ponder and pray before you make ignorant assumptions based on no evidence whatsoever. Thanks

  13. Perhaps the holy underwear was a bit too snug for Mr Beck. I hardly see that as being caused by Trump supporters. Not only is Cruz blessed by Kissinger and the rest of the nwo/rino establishment, his wife worked for cfr in planning the NAU as well as working for Goldman Sachs. I wonder if the cia slips Beck a 20 every once in a while like they do other mouthpieces.
    Also, like Snowden said, America has a choice; Trump or Goldman Sachs.

    • No….Glen’s Zionist masters won’t let him cover the truth of 911 and they want our white mostly Christian culture destroyed via Muslim “refugees” (mercenary army), just like they are doing with the Polish new Merkle in Germany and in Sweden and elsewhere. Beck is a good little puppet and will suicide his ratings and popularity to push his master’s agenda

  14. Beck is right you hypnotized minions. Incredible that you cheer Trump while trashing the real conservative in the race. Trump is on record supporting partial birth abortion,
    has hired illegal labor, praised Obama and Hillary publicly as soon as
    2008, within the last few years was in the Bloomberg camp on gun
    control, has supported more aggressive taxes than Bernie Sanders not too
    long ago, and has very little evidence of a strong religious
    affiliation. He’s always been more of a hedonist..Ask Marla Maples.
    has been a liberal for decades and only recently unceremoniously
    adopted conservatism. He didn’t even announce it! He just kind of
    drifted. He changes what he says about his opponents every other day,
    He incites people to violence at his rallies, just like a good little
    future dictator. He’s manipulating so many thirsting for
    some slap-down the republican party, which it richly deserves. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s
    clothing. Trump has the sheep skin draped over him and you can clearly
    see his nose and teeth but you still think he’s a sheep. Cruz really is
    anti establishment, did you not see his fillibuster, Trump takes the easiest path to getting what he
    wants. if that means giving the demos what they want, I guarantee you
    he will do it every time.
    He says Cruz is a liar over and
    over and over. Repeat a lie like that enough as Trump has, and weak
    minded people will start to believe it. The things Cruz is criticized for Cruz
    are nothing, same baggage every politician has.
    Please ask yourself one question, after decades of liberal progressive
    ideas and support for democrats, when exactly was it that Trump had a
    great epiphany that changed his entire political perspective? Please wake up from this hypnosis Trump has you under. He is truly a con artist an has you deluded folks under his spell.
    Get well soon Trumpets

      • What part of “natural born citizen” do people not understand. We have morons posing as the US public today. You have to exit your mother womb while she is physically in the united States…..Not Canada…. Figure it out people!

      • Each response has driven my point home. No answer to Trump’s decades long public record, only random trolling behavior. Hes shaking things up & you all like that, I get it, but beyond that its “hope & change” all over again, a shiny object. I did err on one point. Carson is also a strong conservative, but he has no chance. Cruz has weaknesses, but to characterize the guy as a snake is way off the mark, I’ve seen 35 years of good and bad politicians. I’ve always spotted the bad apples & haven’t been wrong on that front for 35 years & I’m not wrong now. Brad, please, not a citizen born to an American citizen mother..?..this is alreadey devated out…& a baby’s not a human 5 minutes before birth too right

  15. Beck is on the verge of going fully insane. He’s losing what little mind had left. You can tell by how unkempt he is and the crazy look in his eye.

  16. Thank you to the Trump supporters who helped put Glenn “will personally break the law to help “Syrian” migrants invade our country” Beck’s career out to pasture.

      • He specializes in disinformation. He came out against the Bundy’s in Bunkerville, NV and supported the BLM. He was against Ron Paul. He claims there are no FEMA concentration camps. Need more?

      • IF that is fact, and yes I watched all I could stand of his bullshit, I pity a conservative. Honest people don’t run for CEO of the US CORP.

  17. I am Bob. Glenn, Dr. Michael Savage was right – Liberalism is a mental disorder. Kindly go down to the river, take a walk along the tracks and do a poop. It’ll make you feel much better. Now get off of TV.

  18. Drop the bullshit, Beck is bought off, like all the rest, sadly, I have noticed the changes at Fox in the last few years, and have almost quit watching. There are only two choices this time.
    The Last Trump, or The Gold man Sucks.
    Kinda ironic, or even, prophetic.
    We deserve it, since history has come full circle. It is not evil that is the cause of America’s problems. Our apathy and complacency, our trust of the politicos over decades, while the money changers did what they always do, take over, leaves only one culprit and one person responsible for America’s dystopian conundrum…
    Look in the mirror.
    And before you complain, or ridicule, understand this. Evil thrives when good people do nothing… (Edmund Burke)
    It is too late to fix anything, but only Trump has the personal power to ‘turn the tables’ on the money changers, to break up the Oligarchy and its sycophants. They know it, they are desperate, and that means Trump must be taken out. Which will mean war…
    But, regardless of who gets elected, there will be a civil war in this country. But, the question becomes, what if they had a war, and it wasn’t on TV? Is it happening? Or are the Oligarchs going to start WWIII before it all reaches November? I wouldn’t take bets on anybody replacing his majesty the Black Caesar. And again, war. It all boils down to the same result. And those who whine about ‘violence’, good luck with that.
    You can laugh all you want. But God uses odd people to accomplish His goals… this is why Donald is the Last Trump for America, not because he is a Godly man, but he is on a Godly mission. His enemies, are our enemies. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend. I know the time for ‘nice’ is done… I want someone who knows how to go to DC, and say; You’re FIRED.
    F** everything else.

  19. It’s time for Glenn Beck to go. His show has run its course. His relentless criticism of Trump is redundant. Beck has a an obsession with a blind spot. The Trump movement transcends politics and political theory. There is a mob on the loose and the movement has to run its course for better or worse. Although I like Ted Cruz, he too has some skeletons in his closet that need to be exposed. Glen Beck isn’t capable of an impartial scrutiny of all the candidates. This is why he needs to go.

  20. Bye Bye Glenn! Haven’t listened to you for years since you started having meltdowns on your show and your goofy Ed McMannish sidekick Stu the Putz had to tow the line for you. It appears that your Alcoholism has reared its ugly head yet once again.

  21. Seeya, Beck. You bent over for the elites and they gave you all twelve inches. You were a fun manwhore but they are bored with you now.
    P.S. Dude is seriously beginning to resemble a mentally ill vagrant.

  22. People still listen to his drivel? Have not listened in years – before his last mental break down. The swearing in of Cruz was a disgrace. Beck’s ego – or is he that delusional is what has done him in.

  23. “Brown Shirts”??? Glen Beck you are the Brown Shirt thug promoting that traitor Cruz!!!
    Donald Trump is the people’s President!!

  24. Becks troubles long before Trump showed up. He’s manipulates, lies, grovels at the feet of israel for money (and permission to exist) and he carries water for his masters in the media. Good bye, I hope, to men and women to stupid to want a change in the status quo.

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