Global Banks Hiding Massive Amount of Toxic Debt! Big Short 2 Imminent Danger to Markets

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We were told that the financial companies have learned their lessons. The Fed would stop anything bad from happening to us unlike last time where few even knew the Fed existed. We are totally so guaranteed to see stocks rise forever because “they would never let it fall”. No facts. No truth. Just excuses. But that’s why…


Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman says Fed relief efforts have created a ‘speculative bubble’ | Markets Insider

‘The Big Short 2.0’: How Hedge Funds Profited Off the Pain of Malls – DNyuz

Big Banks Sit on $250 Billion of Murkiest Trades After Covid – Bloomberg

Flaring Virus Threatens World Economy’s Sputtering Recovery – Bloomberg

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Exxon Booted from Dow Industrials in Major Embrace of Tech – Bloomberg

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Economists see a chance of a double-dip recession, survey shows

(7) Sheila Bair on Twitter: “I’m all for robust antitrust enforcement. Markets don’t work without competition. Yet, overlooked is the role of low interest rates in driving market concentration.” / Twitter

Powell set to deliver ‘profoundly consequential’ speech, changing how the Fed views inflation

Statement on Call Between the United States and China | United States Trade Representative



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