Global central bank assets just crossed the $28T mark for the first time in history. Gold is about $700 cheap to it’s 2011 peak on an adjusted real yield basis according to PIMCO

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Investors Will Hoard Gold Even Faster Next Year, Keeping Prices High

Demand for gold from jewellers and central banks will remain sharply lower in 2021 than before coronavirus, but investors will keep prices high by stockpiling record amounts of bullion, Refinitiv Metals Research said.

BofA: Fed Will Use Digital Dollars To Unleash Inflation, Universal Basic Income And Debt Forgiveness

“The next frontier for central bank revolution is use of digital currencies as conduit for policies such as UBI (universal basic income), MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), student debt forgiveness, to induce sustained rise in inflation expectations.”

A Global Debt Crises Is Coming and the Next Administration Better Be Ready for It

The next U.S. administration will likely face a global debt crisis that could dwarf what the world experienced in 2008-2009. To prevent the worst, it will need to address the burdensome debt plaguing both the United States and the global economy.

Billionaire Real Estate Mogul Sam Zell Sees Economic Risk in Rising U.S. Debt

Sam Zell said Thursday that he’s worried about trillions of dollars in stimulus spending by Congress and a resulting rise in U.S. debt. Ultimately, that could undercut the U.S. economy…


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