GLOBAL Currency Monopoly! – IMF Wants To CONTROL EVERYTHING!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the absurdity of recent comments by the IMF’s Christine Lagarde where she warned of a serious monopoly problem… in the future…
Lagarde’s plan was essentially to bring in more regulations in order to stop monopolies from forming which she says stifles growth.
Ironically, the same regulations and taxes CREATE monopolies in the first place and stifles growth. Up is down for these people. If you regulate and tax businesses into oblivion, the major businesses will be able to prevail and they will have an upper hand as their competition will be eliminated. The bigger businesses will become monopolized and will likely lay off workers and bring in automation. It’s basic economics, but of course the IMF is attempting to push people into further dependency and mislead the populace from true economic fundamentals. It’s kind of a very large part of their job.
We talk about the basics and what the answers need to be down the road.

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