Global Currency Reset: They’ve Been Accelerating De-Dollarization (Stock Market Crash-Dollar Collapse)

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

The stages of the global currency reset have begun. In this video, I described the events that will make the U.S. dollar a worthless piece of paper, a possible second stock market crash, accelerating de-dollarization, and U.S. dollar collapse.

Throughout history, many countries’ currencies have been the dominant world currency, but none have lasted forever. There is no doubt that the U.S. dollar is still the world reserve currency today. But We know that the U.S. dollar is in a period of collapse.

Today, the U.S. national debt is almost $27 trillion. That’s $81,000 of debt per citizen. Global debt is rising and almost exceeds $260 trillion. These are terrible numbers; something must be wrong. The world economy definitely needs a financial reset.

When we look at the statistics, we see that a global currency reset takes place every 95 years on average, though the reasons ending the dominance of a reserve currency are always different. Throughout history, nothing has prevented currency resets, even when a country has the strongest army, the richest companies, the most land, and all trade routes.

In the past months, Russia and China have been accelerating de-dollarization, and most of the trade between them is no longer in U.S. dollars. This is the Russian response to the recent U.S. proposal to establish an alliance against China.

Another move from China is waiving transaction fees between the yuan and 12 currencies.

The 12 currencies are the Singapore dollar, Russia ruble, Korean won, Turkish lira, Malaysian ringgit, New Zealand dollar, South African rand, Saudi riyal, United Arab Emirates dirham, Polish zloty, Thai baht, and Hungarian forint.

As we can see here, China is trying to include these countries in the de-dollarization process, thereby narrowing the global influence of the dollar. They are trying to prevent America from using the dollar as an economic weapon.

The countdown has begun…

The global currency reset will be smooth for those who are prepared and painful for those who are not. Many things will become clearer after the November…

If you have any doubt that a global currency reset will occur, or if you think it’s entirely a conspiracy theory, please watch the video to the end.

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0:00 | Start
0:20 | Nothing will prevent the global currency reset
1:00 | The U.S. National Debt is almost $27 trillion
2:33 | The Dutch East India Company
3:48| The 3 stages of the U.S. dollar: its rise, fall, and collapse
4:08 | Rise of the US dollar
4:48 | Fall of the US dollar (abandoning the gold standard)
6:12 | The beginning of the end started in September 2019(Repo Crisis)
8:10 | Stock Market Crash
8:48 | The American economy has been in crisis for nearly 20 years
11:14 | Russia and China have been accelerating de-dollarization
12:35 | China is waiving transaction fees between the yuan and 12 currencies
13:43| The countdown has begun…

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