Global Debt Hits $246 Trillion, 320% Of GDP, So What Could Go Wrong?

by Natura Naturans


I mean, it isn’t like it is REAL money, it’s just ones followed by more and more zeros. Funny money. Of course that is not how the owners of the debt feel, they want it back WITH INTEREST. Good luck getting it back, it is now 320% of Gross Domestic Product, which means there is NO WAY IT WILL EVER GET PAID BACK. Especially in a recession that the world is falling into. A recession means less business, less profit, and less ability to pay back loans.

BUT INTEREST RATES ARE SO LOW EVERYBODY IS BORROWING. How can you resist? 3% for a mortgage? Might as well buy a house, open a business, get a student loan.

Good luck.…-time-high