Global Economic Slowdown! You Know Things Aren’t Good When THIS Happens

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Nearly 1000 of the new stores opening in 2019 are from just one chain of Dollar stores. Corelogic expects to see 12,000 stores close in 2019. Everything is totally fine. Stock market is rising.

We can look at the stock market and the recovery is fantastic. In fact, it’s better than most had predicted. Then we can look at the economic indicators, hundreds of them, and it’s really a different picture. This great disparity hasn’t been this wide since the Financial Crisis. Now while that doesn’t mean a recession will happen tomorrow, it does mean that we must hedge our bets and begin to prepare for volatility and late cycle behavior.


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Several ECB policymakers doubt projected growth rebound: sources – Reuters

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U.S. manufacturing mired in soft patch in first quarter–finance.html

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Worried a recession is coming, U.S. online lenders reduce risk – Reuters

What Ballooning Corporate Debt Means for Investors (960×390)×0/

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Dollar General will open 975 stores this year – CNN


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