Global Economy Contracting At A RAPID Pace! Despite Trillions of QE, DEFLATION Unstoppable!

The global economy is undergoing a contraction which is seen from virtually every single country at this time. Whether you look to the US, China, or Europe, you see what cannot be denied. Assets cannot seem to rise steadily as they were in 2017 and prior. Tensions are heating up from every angle. No matter how long you dig into this you will not find any magical substance or entity which will turn this around.

Lipstick on a pig? Or I’m just overreacting? Seems like everything they do is just covering up the ugly. Don’t put lipstick on a pig, central banks. Just let it fall.


Econimica: QE, QT, the Fed’s Balance Sheet, & Monetization…Did The Fed Tell The Truth?

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Euro-Area Economic Confidence Falls, Complicating ECB’s Mission

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Swiss, Swedish Economies Shrink as Trade Slump Hits Europe

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