Global Grain Producers Reduce Exports & E.U Link Tax to Begin

•How corporate media is trying to explain away food inflation across the globe
•Global grain producers reduce exports as extreme weather losses mount
•Can cultures around the world switch the main daily food staples?
•China’s food price inflation causing rumblings in society
•Asia bird flu: Culling millions of chickens, geese, ducks and foul
•Fish meal prices up 50% this pushes fish pries up, more China food inflation
•Soy bean trade war USA / China
•Central America rainfall patterns shift
•How will the jet streams shift as the magnetosphere weakens?
•Drought cycles match in China and Central America
•Potato and vegetable shortages across Europe
•UK wheat yields decline 25%
•Article 11 & 13 in the EU, called the Link Tax and Content filters for sharing links and posts