Global Housing SLUMP From Canada To Australia To China! 2019 Set To FALL Even Further!

Real estate is a huge problem now for investors and home owners who have gotten in way over their heads. Most people have taken on way too much debt. Many are walking away from their purchases. Some are underwater. The mainstream media has tried to dampen the flames by suggesting this is just a small bump in the road. But what nobody seems to recognize is that this correlates with central bank QUANTITATIVE TIGHTENING and I’m not going to pretend it’s a coincidence. What are your thoughts?


Real estate has been in a persistent slow down throughout all of 2018 and the trend seems to be continuing. Whether we look to Canada, Australia, Asia, and more, housing has either come down in price meaningfully or has stalled. All of this is happening on a global level yet we see borders and governments and separate economies. Analysts try to point at different factors. They nitpick and calculate. But they all seem to ignore the only thing that really matters. Central banks are drying up liquidity and this will collapse all asset prices.


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Property Markets From Hong Kong to Sydney Join Global Slump – BNN Bloomberg

Vancouver Condo Sales in December Drop to 10 Year Low

Vancouver home sales fall to lowest level since 2000, detached prices down – BNN Bloomberg

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Property borrowers brace for $300b interest-only credit crunch

Comment: Metro Vancouver just one city in global real estate slowdown

Asia’s property markets join global slump, Real Estate – THE BUSINESS TIMES

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