GLOBAL POWER GRAB: an oasis of resistance for the 12%

by John Ward

A community against bullies, be they employers, families or Resetters

Yesterday, the French newspapers were full of Fourth waves, mandatory vaccination for care workers, and “disquiet about rising cases”. Today, it’s “antivax groups under pressure” and “climate urgency”. Tomorrow, no doubt Le Figaro will argue the case for pinning refusenik dissenters to the floor and jabbing them twice – once in each eye.

Sajid Javid’s idea of confirming vaccine efficacy is to announce (cue triumphant drumroll) that the double-vaccinated can stop self-isolating by August. What was going to be a roll out of vax solely for the aged and otherwise vulnerable has morphed into vax for everyone and Zero Covid – with no NHS care for “nuts” who don’t agree. Fully vaccinated travellers will still need Covid tests to fly, and social distancing will be stopped on July 19, but isolating requirements will remain – with no end date in sight. Sickola McSturgeon is saying the 19th isn’t sacrosanct, and the newly global pressure group of Leftist modellers are openly saying they will campaign for continuing lockdowns this winter.

Menwhile, the number of people having to wait more than 52 weeks to undergo other medical procedures stood at 336,733 in May 2021 – around 13 times the number waiting a year earlier, in May 2020, which was 26,029.

Do the maths: those in charge of responding to the “threat” of Covid19 have spent the last sixteen months throttling public health services, torpedoing the economy, massacring old people in care homes, issuing curfews, selling masks that are useless, fiddling generic drug trials, locking people out of social intercourse, scaring everyone unnecessarily, using a Covid test now dismissed by Fauci as “useless”, and hardsell marketing experimental vaccines that aren’t vaccines and will need boosters in perpetuity.

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According to FDA figures in the US, these formulations are now easily the most adverse-reaction drugs in American history, and in the UK it’s now being admitted that the function/gain of vaxxing under 25 year olds is woefully negative….but the bullying of dissenters by families, social circles, the media and whoring politicians continues as if such was “non-violent extremism”, “selfish ignorance” and “wild conspiracy theory”.

Roughly seven out of eight (88%) of Americans and Brits think there is nothing disturbing to see here.

The One in Eight thinking empiricists, commonsense bullshit detectors and sensible medics are the 2021 version of German Jews in 1934. The mistake the latter made was not to “make trouble”.

We – and in the US, UK, EU, NZ and Oz there’s around 120 million of us – are not prepared to roll over. We know national politics are bent, and tipped against us. The idea now is to form local cells with a connection that becomes increasingly global….to defend ourselves against the Mob and The Insistent State, and take action that makes the Corporate bureaucracy take notice.

As of today, we have a name and a corporate subhead.

Far more than just “anti-vaxx”: a movement supporting and inspiring those of us who can see where all this is leading: to the death of free speech, real democracy, citizen dissent and unproductive humanity.


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