Global Supply Chain Collapse! Wheat Is Running Out! This Is A Planned Famine!

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by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the collapse of the global supply chain as we enter the Great Reset technocratic world order.
Experts are warning that we are 10 weeks from the global wheat supply running out. We warned of this months ago when China claimed they’d be seeing the worst winter wheat crop in history. Now we know they are hoarding wheat while Ukraine which provides 1/3 of the world’s wheat cannot ship it out. All the while, farmers are being forced to destroy their wheat crops in the US and Canada in many cases.
This is a controlled collapse in order to force the world into a technocratic “Great Reset.”
Train companies are being bought up. GMO vertical farming is going mainstream and people are more dependent than ever.
Will you own nothing and be happy? Or will you prepare?

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