Global Trade Is COLLAPSING as Economy Enters PANIC MODE! China Slowdown Accelerates!

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Global trade issues are now showing up in the statistics. We’ve been hiding the truth behind jobs numbers and hilarious unemployment statistics. But some things can’t be hidden. When we look at the numbers, globally there is a clear and definite slowdown that has found its way into the economy. The debt bubble has expanded to a level it has never been at and with quantitative tightening becoming the norm, how will a crisis be avoided?

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Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

S&P 500 turns positive as JP Morgan, Apple lead stocks higher

Hedge fund king Ray Dalio says the world is long stocks and that will mean trouble in a bear market

Paul Tudor Jones says we’re in a global debt bubble and maybe tax cut wasn’t a good idea

Powell credits Fed policy for the US economy being ‘in a good place’

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Apple, bellwether for technology stocks, dips into a bear market

2018-11-14_12-48-46.png (890×483)

HARPEX Shipping Index

2018-11-14_12-36-03.png (890×469)

Red flag warnings – Global shipping freight rates slump as trade slows | Reuters

Maersk warns of hit from US-Chinese trade battle

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