Global wealth reached an all time of $317,000,000,000,000 in 2018

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by NineteenEighty9


Global wealth report 2018

During the twelve months to mid-2018, aggregate global wealth rose by $14.0 trillion (4.6%) to a combined total of $317 trillion, outpacing population growth. Wealth per adult grew by 3.2%, raising global mean wealth to a record high of $63,100 per adult. The US contributed most to global wealth adding $6.3 trillion and taking its total to $98 trillion. This continues its unbroken run of growth in both total wealth and wealth per adult every year since 2008.

Americans own about 40% of global wealth, in the year 2000 the national net worth (assets minus liabilities, including government debt) of the US was about $40 Trillion, today it’s over $100 Trillion.

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US household wealth is at an all time high as well:


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