“Globalist Elite” Pentagon, Push 17-yo Drug War in Afghanistan to Continue?

by Thinker

American soldiers who should be protecting the fields that feed that people, and not those that supply the world with dope!!! Only war in Afghanistan, is the one to keep the drugs (poppy fields) flowing and the profits growing. History shows, thanks to the U.S. invasion Bi Pharma and the drug pushers of the world have hit a jackpot. Since the George Bush U.S. invasion of Afghanistan the poppy fields have tripled, and so have the addicts in America!!!

75% of worlds heroin supply originates in Afghanistan…how do you think it leaves???

Who wants to keep it all going???

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor said the “globalist elite” on Capitol Hill, at the Pentagon, and in the State Department want the ongoing 17-year-old War in Afghanistan to continue. Macgregor said leaving the Mid-East nation would mean a hit to the defense budget in an interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX News. “This is what the globalist elite on the Hill wants,” he said about the ongoing war. “They’re behind this. They and their Lobby. And now, the globalist elite actually includes the senior ranks in the Pentagon as well as most of the people in the State Department. So, there’s enormous pressure on the President to stay.”

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“All of this is part of keeping us engaged overseas.

And remember, it’s the overseas commitments that are the basis for the enormous defense spending. Take those commitments away, and the defense budget starts to decline precipitously,” the retired general said. After 17 years, American troops are still in Afghanistan. It costs billions and billions of dollars. American lives are still in danger. Some reports say the U.S. has given up on the prospect of victory in that war. And yet, it continues, and Americans are still dying. A reminder, just yesterday, three more American soldiers killed in an attack that brings the death toll for the year to 12. Now, American lives, sometimes, must be sacrificed for the sake of the nation. That’s the sad truth. But it’s a high bar.

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And does Afghanistan meet that bar in 2018? Douglas Macgregor is a former Army Colonel, Author of the book, Margin of Victory, and he joins us tonight. Colonel, thanks for coming on. Our principal interest was in a few hundred people, subordinate to our friend, Osama bin Laden. Unfortunately, we went in. We changed the mission. We turned it into a nation-building proposition. And we’ve been there now for 17 years, lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives.


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