GLOBALIST PELOSI INTERFERING: Nancy Pelosi threatens to torpedo US-UK post-Brexit free trade deal says ‘no chance’ it will pass Congress

Nancy Pelosi opposes post-Brexit free trade deal if Irish border is affected
Good Friday peace agreement maintains ‘seamless’ Ireland & Northern Ireland
John Bolton predicts UK and US will have an ‘unprecedented partnership’
He insisted Donald Trump would help UK cushion impact of No Deal Brexit
US national security adviser strongly backed Britain’s decision to leave the EU
He urged officials to get Brexit done as soon as possible to kickstart trade talks
Mr Bolton also attacked the EU and said the bloc treated voters like ‘peasants’
Boris Johnson today said a US-UK trade deal will be a ‘tough old haggle’ (WAS THAT A ZING ON PELOSI)
The Prime Minister also insisted the most important trade deal for UK is with EU

There is no chance that a trade agreement between the United States and Britain will pass Congress if Brexit undermines the Good Friday peace accord between Ireland and Northern Ireland, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday.

‘Whatever form it takes, Brexit cannot be allowed to imperil the Good Friday Agreement, including the seamless border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland,’ Pelosi said in a statement.

‘If Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be no chance of a U.S.-UK trade agreement passing the Congress,’ the Democratic head of the U.S. House of Representatives added, first reported by Politico.

The Trump administration is negotiating a free trade deal with Britain that would go into effect after it completes its exit from European Union. The departure is scheduled for Oct. 31.

But any agreement would have to pass the U.S. Congress, which is split between Democrats in the House and President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans in the Senate.

HMMMM, So why would pelosi sink a deal that would allow free trade with the UK and US after Brexit and benefit both countries!



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