Gold and Silver: A Rarer Than Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

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via Ron Paul:

When examining our current fiat currency conundrum, it’s easy to get bogged down in historical “What ifs.” What if we never went off the gold standard? What if the Fed were never created in the first place? What if the federal government wasn’t allowed to treat debt ceilings and government shutdowns with such casual disdain?

Of course, all of those ships have sailed. We live in a reality where past fiduciary mistakes are “corrected” by amplifying those same mistakes, as if the solution to having our heads buried in the sand is that we just haven’t buried them deeply enough; that maybe the tsunami created by generations of criminal, federal, financial mismanagement and unsustainable promises will disappear if we can just duck around this next corner and close our eyes long enough.

This is a system that goes back over a century now, since the founding of the Fed in 1913. A fundamental lie foisted on the American people for so long that nobody, at this point, remembers living American life under any other system. What a massively powerful mirage: We have all been born into it and lived our entire lives in it. To see outside of it, beyond it, requires the ability to step entirely outside the experiential limitations of our own lifetimes and to adopt a historical timeline.

That’s heavy lifting. That requires effort. It’s so much easier to watch reality TV, eat fast food, and not think about it. And while it only requires a very basic grasp of math, four in 10 American adults don’t understand what “one third” is.

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The entire financial reporting structure of the federal government is specifically designed to support and promote the fundamental lie that our fiat currency system is sustainable. Every bit of data is not supposed to inform you, but pacify you, provide a continuous lullaby-narrative to delude you into believing it’s all fine, it’s all under control, no need to worry, stop questioning, stop worrying.

The truth always emerges. Always. But it does so on its own timeline. Understand that for the dollar to fail (and it will, as all fiat currencies must), it will have to do so despite the combined maximum efforts of the Fed, the US government, and Wall St. Those combined entities represent nearly unfathomable power. They won’t go down without a fight.

Simple and immutable math, by itself, is stronger than all the political and financial manipulations of man. And when all is said and done, the truth of math always wins out over the lies of men, even those as powerful and long-empowered as those mentioned here.

Everyone wants the timeline as to when the dollar will fail. Nobody knows. We do know that it will, and that when it does, it will present a rarer-than-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who had both the foresight and (this is the real kicker, and why so few will reap the windfall of centuries) the patience to make significant allocations to gold and silver while the risk-asset Ponzi scheme fraud galloped merrily ahead, as it careened headlong toward freefall over the edge of an abyss that will claim the entire financial lives of all Americans except those who own forms of wealth that is not dollar-denominated.

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We should do whatever we can to protect ourselves, our families, and our wealth, but we must remember that without liberty our greatest threat will come from our own government. Look at what has been lost since our leaders announced that we are in a permanent “Global War on Terrorism.”

While our “foreign enemies” have been created by design, our “domestic enemies” have proliferated and present an existential threat to our freedom as we know it.

The government, at will, is allowed to expand its authoritarian rule and control our every move, every expression, every thought, and everything we own.

The most important investment we can make is to do whatever is humanly possible to protect the liberty of all persons. This is the responsibility of every one who has discovered the magical value of living in a free society.

The time has come for us to get engaged in the struggle to reignite an interest in the principles that motivated the Colonists to separate themselves from the British Empire.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Dollar Dilemma: Where to From Here? by Ron Paul at The Mises Institute on 6/22/18


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