Gold & Bitcoin SKYROCKET As The Dollar FALLS! – How To Protect Yourself In A CRASH

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about the massive rally we’ve recently seen in the price of gold which has hit six year highs at the same time as Bitcoin has broken $11,000 USD and has more than tripled this year.
All the while, the dollar is collapsing. Are we seeing a private currency reset? It appears as history has proven many times before that people are rushing to gold and silver during a crash. For the first time we get to witness cryptocurrency in a crash as well.
It appears the dollar is falling into a bear market. Now, with interest rates possibly going lower this is huge news and something we all have predicted for a long time, but it should be said that the Federal Reserve could possibly put off the inevitable longer, but there’s no doubt we’re seeing people rush out of the bond market, rush out of many of the bubbled markets, rush out of the dollar and rush into things like cryptocurrency as well as gold and silver.

Lior explains what all of this means for the average person.



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