Gold Flash Crash, Crude Oil Dive And General Commodity Malaise Surrounding The Twin Spending Meteors And “Fauciism”

by confoundedinterest17

It was quite a weekend. The US Senate was working overtime on their uber-expensive infrastructure bill, setting the stage for Obama’s Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending spree.

How are markets receiving this news of gargantuan spending by Washington DC?

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Commodities are down pretty much across the board this morning, led by an almost 4% drop if WTI Crude. Metals are off too, led by a 3% drop in iron ore futures.

There was also a flash crash in gold and a spike in Bitcoin as the US Dollar dropped. Notice that gold recovered somewhat.

Oh and Covid Czar Anthony “Dark Eye” Fauci is in the news … again … terrifying the world about Covid mutations and vaccinations.


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