That $4.5 trillion in loans the banks got, sure looks like they were betting on these CDOs launched a few months earlier. Anchorage Capital, hmm where have I heard that name

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by Longjumping_College

They made this liquidity crisis by betting that money on CDOs.

I’m not f*cking kidding

Hedge Funds Resurrect CDO Trade. This Time They Say It Will Work

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They had this happen as of Q2 this year

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Well this can get way more complicated if you look at the Archegos situation with GSX Techedu…

Credit suisse was underwriting the loans for the short and over leveraged long positions at the same time and also was the ones who underwrote the IPO for the company now known as a scam in 2019 (around the same time as these CDOs appearing.)

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So they set up a trap, bait and hooked in funds and killed Archegos leaving the bags for others. I think they were attempting to cause the market crash with it? They were the ones who slashed the price target too.

You can see someone dumped over $2 billion into short positions to kill Archegos

Probably all the idiots who fully closed their positions




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