Goldman Sachs Warns U.S. Dollar Days Are Numbered. Gold Price Hits RECORD HIGH!

Looking at the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world today, may be challenged at some point in the future. Will gold take its place? Perhaps a basket of currencies? Only time will tell.


Dollar on Course for Worst Month in Almost a Decade – WSJ

Gold Rips Up Record Book as $2,000 Test Looms in Hunt for Haven

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Gold ETF Commentary and Statistics | Gold ETF Holdings | Gold ETF AUM | Goldhub

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Wu-Xia Shadow Federal Funds Rate – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

From Simple Confusion To Confiscation: Some Nursing Homes Aren’t Giving Residents Their Stimulus Checks – CBS Pittsburgh

Trump Push for FBI Building Funds in Coronavirus Relief Package Sparks Opposition, Confusion – WSJ



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