Good Dig: What if I told you @BrianKempGA was bought and I showed you the meetings, transcripts, and the financial compensation his family received to attempt to hide this transaction?

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My thought, just a “friendly business reminder” from the DS that he and his family are safe only as long as he follows orders. Others under the DS thumb also take notice. DS doesn’t want to lose any dispute about this election, it is of the utmost importance to them. So the elected, appointed and assigned officials will continue marching in lock step. The courts will stymie election disputes. MSM will provide cover. Social Media will stifle dissent. FBI will confiscate evidence and muzzle whistleblowers. MS13 will provide further enforcement when needed (like this b/f death?). And so much more. It’s a big machine with many coordinated moving parts, all criminal. They need to make an example every so often to keep their people in line.

The only answer always was the Military.




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