Google And Facebook Are So Unpopular That Even The Chive Is Dissing Them

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Facebook and Google are currently playing their toxic Endgame.

Last week Bob Ferguson the State’s attorney general for Washington launched an anti-trust probe into Google and Facebook. Amongst the many allegations, he claimed that the Duopoly had not only formed an unfair monopoly to squeeze publishers and “squash competition”, but also that Google and Facebook had gone one step further by, “actively seeking to harm consumers.”

How and why? I’ll explain why below but to put it succinctly – it is in their best interest to do so. Once complete they will have succeeded in creating a platform-based internet, keeping you in their walled garden and removing your freedom of choice. You will see whatever they want you to see. Adios free will.

This is tearing at the fabric of our society. They create filter bubbles, fuel hate, and narrow our worldview. They are invading our privacy. Have you ever talked about something and then seen an ad for it? Yes, they’re listening in on every device.

They are doing all of this while also crushing free enterprise on the internet. Which brings us to this post today.

They’re increasingly unpopular.



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