Google and youtube search only brings MSM footage of CA wildfires

by SherbetMalargus

I know we all know this but it just really upset me this morning that while I was trying to find videos of the California fires from ACTUAL PEOPLE, it was literally impossible. Pages and pages of msm segments about the fires in which they used real people’s phone recordings. However not once, no matter how I worded my search, was I able to find the direct link to those amateur recordings.

Google controls all information access and tptb via msm control them. I’ve always gotten to watch the first hand accounts of things like wildfires in the past. This is the first time I just could not gain access to something of this nature. I don’t feel like this should be in the realm of things to polarize (unless some of those phone recorders are mentioning global warming) which is what disturbed me so much about them taking control in this arena. When all you are allowed to see is what cnn, CBS and fox news have prepared for your viewing. When we know every single person with a smartphone is recording and posting videos. It’s not good.

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Again, I know this isn’t new, but to me it’s a new level of permeating censorship that really has no rational explanation anyone could give that would seem legitimate. I’m disgusted and wanted to call attention to this detail.

What’s the solution? How do we beat/break the algorithms? As The Dude once said, “this will not stand,…man!”


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