GOOGLE CONSPIRACY: Google Possibly Killing Off Potential Leakers! China Involved?


Two New York City Google employees, both in their twenties, are dead. Twenty two year old Scott Krulcik and twenty seven year old Vanessa Marcotte, both of the NYC Google headquarters have both met an untimely death in their twenties.”

Pete Santilli1
Published on Dec 8, 2018

Google employee, 22, found dead inside NYC headquarters

A janitor found 22-year-old Scott Krulcik unconscious at his work terminal on the sixth floor of the building on Eighth Avenue near West 16th Street around 9 p.m. Friday, police sources said.

EMS workers tried to perform CPR, but to no avail. Krulcik was pronounced dead at the scene. His body did not show any signs of trauma, and there did not appear to be criminality involved, authorities said. The city Medical Examiner’s office will determine the cause of death.

Social media profiles for the Saratoga Springs native show he was outspoken and intellectually curious about a broad range of topics from the intersection of tech and public policy to local issues — such as broken tree branches.”

Jogger killed in Princeton was visiting family

Vanessa Marcotte had been home for a few days, visiting her mother, when she decided to go for a Sunday afternoon jog in this quiet, wooded community near Worcester. But when she didn’t return home, her family worried and called the police.

Several hours later, a State Police K-9 unit found Marcotte’s body in the woods off Brooks Station Road, a half-mile from her mother’s house.

A law enforcement official briefed on the case said there are indications that Marcotte’s body had been burned and that investigators are working to determine whether she was sexually assaulted. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the case, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Early did not say how Marcotte was killed but said investigators are focused on the hours between 1 p.m. — when she left her mother’s house — and 4 p.m. Sunday. Her body was found at 8:20 p.m.

Marcotte graduated from the Bancroft School in Worcester in 2007 and from Boston University in 2011, where she studied communications, according to her LinkedIn profile. After college, she worked in several marketing jobs in Boston before starting as a health care account manager at Google last year.

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Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, an Internet marketing firm in Boston, said he hired Marcotte directly out of college in the summer of 2011 and watched her rise from customer service to management in less than two years.”

Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

Employees at the company’s headquarters near San Jose, California, are encouraged to monitor their colleagues and list on a web page within Google called “Stopleaks” any confidential information that they see externally. Anyone who is caught revealing information to the press is fired.

Tensions between employees over leaks to the press have also resulted in foul-mouthed arguments, Mr Poulson revealed. During a question and answer session at a company-wide meeting, a senior engineer took the microphone to shout “F*** you leakers” at his fellow colleagues…. [Poulson] said employees’ concerns about Dragonfly have largely been ignored by management, who are focused on preventing leaks. “The narrative is that leaking is bad and that the number one priority is to prevent any leaks,” said Mr Poulson, who worked for Google for two- and-a-half years, both at the company’s headquarters and its office in Toronto.”

Google Helps Chinese Military, Why Not US? Bob Work

Despite its ethical objections to helping the Pentagon, Google indirectly and inadvertently assists the Chinese military, which has tentacles into the tech giant’s ventures in China, former deputy secretary of defense Robert Work said.

Google’s withdrawal from Project Maven, which applied artificial intelligence to military intelligence, was dangerous and naïve, the former deputy secretary of defense said. While using AI to analyze surveillance video might help the US find terrorists and kill them, Bob Work acknowledged, it could also save lives by preventing terrorist attacks or errant strikes by US forces

Google has had a conflicted history in China, where it stopped doing business for years over government censorship. But today the company is standing up its new Google AI China Center in Beijing with “several hundred China-based engineers.”

Outpacing the US in artificial intelligence by 2025 is a national priority for the Chinese government. To reach this and other technology goals, Beijing has explicitly adopted a strategy of “civil-military fusion”: The People’s Liberation Army has relationships with every major company and university, and it’s a patriotic duty to provide information to the PLA. (There’s also China’s massive covert effort to steal trade secrets from foreign companies). So, Work said of Google’s new venture in Beijing, “anything that’s going on in that center is going to be used by the military.”

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It’s all a little “hypothetical” but it sure seems that Google’s, “Snitches get Stitches”, policy is in full effect and has been for a while.



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‘F— you leakers’: A former senior Google employee says a frantic quest to stop internal info getting out is now management’s ‘number one priority’

A senior former Google employee who quit over its controversial plans to launch a search engine in China painted a picture of a company whose upper echelons are obsessed with stopping leaks, to the exclusion of almost anything else.

Jack Poulson, a former researcher at the company, said that senior managers consider the prevention of leaks to be their “number one priority.”

He said that the campaign against leaking had become a way for Google to avoid tackling the reasons staff were leaking in the first place, including concerns over the Chinese search project, code-named Dragonfly, or work for the US military.

Poulson left Google in September over Dragonfly, and said he believed four other employees had done the same. Google declined to comment on his departure at the time.”

Found Another Suspicious death related to Google:

23-year-old Google employee found dead in San Francisco Bay 

Authorities are investigating the death of a 23-year-old Google employee whose body was found in San Francisco Bay.

Last Thursday morning, a man riding his bicycle on the Bay Trail called 911 to report a naked body floating in the water of the bay, the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety said.

The body — later identified as 23-year-old Chu Chu Ma — was found by authorities, floating face down in a drainage canal along the Bay Trail, the department of public safety said.”



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