Gov Sununu Edging Towards Impeachment? 7 NH Counties Call For Investigations

by ElleMira

Looks like Sununu is being exposed for his dictatorial part in this globalist, medical tyranny & abuse of power:

NH Republicans Seek Inquiry on Governor Over Protester Arrests

Seventh County GOP Calls For Investigation Into Dictator Sununu
On Tuesday evening, the Sullivan and Carroll County Republican Committees officially voted in favor of a resolution demanding an independent investigation into Dictator Sununu for arresting nine peaceful citizens. The same resolution was passed by the Belknap County Republican Committee last Wednesday. It seems that momentum is working against Sununu, the Republican who recently announced that he is running for a fourth term to rule over New Hampshire…

Additionally, when his abuse of power in deploying NH State Troopers was exposed – Sununu then demanded that State Reps cover up what he did:

…Sununu abused his power again during a closed door House Republican Caucus meeting with over 100 Republican State Reps on November 1, 2021. He demanded those Reps cover up his role in the 10/13 debacle.

Caucuses are restricted to party members (Republican/Democrat) and are held behind closed doors to form and unify party strategies.

It was inappropriate for Governor Sununu to attend that meeting with the goal to win support for a coverup of his egregious actions on October 13th.

I’d imagine this exposure and the movement towards impeaching him as Governor has also influenced his decision to not run for Senate:

Oct. 22, 2021
New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu says he is getting closer to making a decision on whether he plans to run for the United States Senate.

November 9, 2021
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said Tuesday he will not run for Senate

For those unaware what is going on, a little background – Sununu tried to backdoor Biden vaccine money & influence into New Hampshire. When NH citizens caught wind of what he was doing, they exposed the sinister nature proposed in the $27 million federal vaccine funds that Sununu was trying to implement in our state. The concerned citizens generated a lot of awareness towards this Federal vaccine money that Sununu was pushing and attended the October 13th Executive Council meeting where they voted on this Federal vaccine influence. The protesting NH citizens sat quietly in the audience as the Council voted. In a shocking abuse of power, Sununu targeted specific individuals and deployed NH State Troopers to round up & arrest these citizens. When the Executive Council rejected Sununu’s federal backdoor vaccine funding, he blew a circuit and publicly attacked Republicans and NH citizens on social media – labelling our concerns over federal vaccine influence in the state of New Hampshire as “bizarre” and “fantasy”. Sununu has definitely exposed himself as siding with the Feds (Biden administration) in pushing these vaccines and Federal influence over the state of New Hampshire.

Sources with links here:

1. On October 13th, the Executive Council rejected (4-1 vote) the $27 million in federal funds that would have created 13 state vaccine propaganda positions and expanded the state’s unconstitutional vaccine registry. “Breaking: NH Council Votes 4-1 To Reject 27 Million in Strings-Attached Fed Money for Immunization Oversight
“Republican Governor Chris Sununu lost big today as all four Republicans on the State’s Executive Council voted against federal contracts he has pushed hard to approve.”

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2. Specific citizens in attendance at the meeting were targeted for arrest, escorted out of the meeting and hauled into awaiting police vans. They were either sitting or standing quietly when NH State Troopers tapped them on their shoulder and arrested them one by one (see attachment 1). The individuals targeted appear to be the most vocal opponents of Governor Sununu. Of the 9 arrested (out of 175 in attendance) were Marylyn and AJ (Albert) Todd – leaders in the movement for Voter Integrity and Terese Grinnell, an RN who sounded the alarm on the $27 million in federal funds. This appears to be a pre meditated and targeted arrest of peaceful political protestors.

Video of the arrests can be seen here:
NH Executive Council Meeting 10/13/2021 – THE REAL FACTS

3. Gov Sununu was furious by the 4-1 vote to reject the Biden administration’s $27 million and lashed out against fellow Republicans, accusing them of being “misinformed”, labelling them as “bizarre” and framing their reservations on “fantasy”:

Sununu Unloads on Executive Councilors After Vaccine Vote

4. Sununu then proceeded to defy the Executive Council’s vote and find another, unconstitutional venue to push Federal vaccine money & influence via a fiscal committee:

21 October 2021
“True to his word he’s going for more $$$
Bypass the voters.
Bypass the executive council.
Illegally have a fiscal committee vote to accept….
*****Note our NH constitution requires funds over 10k to be voted on by ALL our state reps.******
We see what he is doing and we have a plan to fix it!!!!!”

Gov. Sununu asks Fiscal Committee to accept a new round of federal COVID vaccine aid, and says N.H. will need more

22 October 2021
Committee approves $4.7M in funds for vaccine efforts

A legislative committee on Friday approved a proposal from the state Department of Health and Human Services to use $4.7 million in federal American Rescue Plan funds to boost the state’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

The last-minute proposal from Gov. Chris Sununu and Health and Human Services Commissioner Lori Shibinette came this week after she withdrew the requests for the acceptance of $27 million in federal COVID-19 vaccination funding that was rejected by the Executive Council last week.

…Republican members expressed deep concern that accepting the funds would have bound the state to follow federal directives and mandates related to COVID-19, including “quarantine and isolation.”…

Sununu thanked the committee for its vote, saying “we are committed to finding alternative sources of funds to ensure our vaccine distribution can move full steam ahead and today’s vote allows us to do so.”’


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