Gov Sununu Signs NH Law Prohibiting Government Vaccine Mandates or Passports

Gov Sununu Signs New Hampshire Law Prohibiting Government Vaccine Mandates or Passports

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed HB220 an act “relative to medical freedom in immunizations…” The new law states that “Every person has the natural, essential, and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion by government to accept an immunization.”

Accordingly, no person may be compelled to receive an immunization for COVID-19 in order to secure, receive, or access any public facility, any public benefit, or any public service from the state of New Hampshire, or any political subdivision thereof, including but not limited to counties, cities, towns, precincts, water districts, school districts, school administrative units, or quasi-public entities.”

To quote Rep Leah Cushman, who sponsored the legislation, it means “No State Mandated COVID passports, no State Mandated Vaccinations.”

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New Hampshire governor BANS state-run facilities from requiring COVID vaccines in ‘medical freedom’ bill as debate rages over how far government should go in pushing the shots

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